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Apple Ber Plantation| Most important tips to buy apple ber

Apple ber is a sweet, crunchy and juicy fruit that grows in the beautiful country of Thailand And Apple Ber Plantation is only common in Thailand.Another name is  jujube or Chinese date.The weight of each fruit is around 150-200 gm. It appears to be like green Apple. That is the reason it is named as Apple Plum or Apple Ber. Its farming is currently trending and it has lots of advantages over traditional Plum farming.This plant starts giving fruits after 6-8 months of plantation. Generally the height of the plant would be ranging between 10-15ft.Chinese dates recipe is like the apple ber too 

Apple Ber Plantation| Most important tips to buy apple ber

best buyers of dired apple ber in the world

best buyers of dired apple ber in the worldFinding buyers in Europe involves considerable investment and intensive preparation. Don’t go emailing buyers randomly, but first plan and prepare thoroughly. Then look for buyers who fit your capabilities. Find other practical tips and many sources of information here.Before starting your search for buyers, think about the market segments that you want to sell to and the products that you want to offer. Do you offer conventional products? Do you focus on a specific niche such as organic produce, fair trade or sustainable production? Are your products special and premium, or run-of-the-mill commodities?Furthermore, there is a big difference between industrial markets, which need ingredients (offered in bulk), and consumer markets, which need retail-packed products. Will you be looking for importers of raw materials – juices, concentrates, dehydrated fruit and vegetables or edible nuts? Or will you need to look for importers and distributors of consumer-packed products?

Where to cultivate apple ber plant?

Where to cultivate apple ber plant?These fruits ( jujube vs dates) belong to tropical and tropical regions and are found in South-East Asia and Latin America.The best place to grow this fruit is the warm and humid Thailand.

How long does it take to grow the fruit on tree?

How long does it take to grow the fruit on tree?The crop is very good and high yielding and after 6 to 8 months produces fruit.The more favorable the conditions for the plant to grow, the faster it will bear fruit.Conditions like weather, soil, water, sunlight, humidity and etc.Red dates nutrition grows earlier than others.

How to find apple ber fruit buyers?

How to find apple ber fruit buyers?To find a customer for apple ber fruit, like everything else, you need to use marketing techniques.

Presence in the media always brings significant effects and feedback. From environmental stands and billboards to television and radio media. Depending on your business goals and strategy and export plan, you can use this approach. Understand, of course, that any type of environmental advertising can have its own country-specific achievements. An important challenge in this approach is the required funding and access to the management, design and implementation team in the target country.

Always a warm, non-machine sound can have a huge impact on building a business relationship. In international marketing you should be able to get your message across to your customer. One of the most common and inexpensive traditional marketing methods is phone marketing. Simply provide a native speaker with a properly charged line. Basically, phone marketing is repeated several times over a period of time to get proper feedback.The most ideal export method is for commission-based export producers and suppliers. This method reduces the risk involved in exporting and payments are made from funds received. This method is very welcoming but has disadvantages that should be considered.The supplier and manufacturer will not communicate with the end customer and will not know the actual price.

How to get the money and the problems between them can help the producers in the future.Many people or companies with no background or inexperience accept this responsibility, but do not produce reliable results in the future for the manufacturer.During your export work you will have to pay for your work, which will eventually exceed the initial marketing amount.Companies specializing in marketing and exporting avoid companies that are new to the field of export.

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