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Jujube Price In Pakistan |Is Jujube Price different in countries?

In order to invesigate jujube price In Pakistan, there are some factors that should be focused on. The first question that will come to the mind is ” Is jujube price different in countries?”. To answer this question, we should say “yes”. In some country, there are alot of jujube gardens therefore the price will be low but in other countries, there is not enough jujube gardens that make the government import them; as a result, it will cost  more; and consequently, the price of it will be higher. Today, due to the many medicinal properties of jujube, the demand for it is very high. Today, because of the healing properties of the jujube and the imports of the jujube, its price is increasing.


Jujube Price In Pakistan |Is Jujube Price different in countries?

Benefits of Jujube for Diabetes

Benefits of Jujube for Diabetes Benefits of jujube for diabetes

There are some healing benefits of using jujube that should be mentioned. Jujube is also used to treat irregular heartbeat, nervous exhaustion, night sweats and excessive body transpiration. The other benefits of jujube fruit is to cure for diabetes that is good to be mentioned. It is said that by eating five jujubes in a day, the level of the blood sugar will be controlled. Using jujubes will help the body produce insuline which will help decrease the level of the blood sugar. One other benefits of jujube is its healing characteristics to cure hoarseness of the throat. In fact, it is  a softener for breasts; and it relieves asthma and shortness of breath due to its high glaze, too. This fruit is laxative. In the case needed, if it is boiled with water or milk, it will be more laxative and will help those who suffer from constipation. It can be used with lettuce which is useful for treatment of cancer. Its leaves are also good for relieving fever and pain. Also, it is used for the treatment of urination. Jujube reduces the risk of cancer cell metastasis and even kills cancer cells. Daily intake of jujube helps improve digestive function and reduce the level of toxins which are accumulated in the testine. Stress and anxiety are one of the most destructive problems during pregnancy that unfortunately may involve some pregnant women. Some unsupposed problem can cause many problems for both the pregnant mother and the fetus. Jujube has an active role in the relaxation of nerves and relieves stress and anxiety and since it is also sleeping, it can play an important role in the relaxation of pregnancy and the reduction of anxiety and stress in pregnant. vomiting are common problems in some pregnant women and jujube has an important role in preventing nausea and vomiting during pregnancy. Jujube can also be helpful in relieving abdominal pain during pregnancy. Body weakness is one of the issues that pregnant mothers commonly experience, and the use of energy-efficient foods during pregnancy that can enhance the body of pregnant women and reduce their physical weakness is of particular importance. In the meantime, jujube boosting the body’s energy can be an important factor in preventing pregnancy-related weakness. Pregnancy hypertension is one of the problems during pregnancy that unfortunately may be affected by some pregnant mothers. Juice plays an important role in reducing and controlling blood pressure and it is recommended for pregnant mothers who are suffering from hypertension. Jujube can help the general development and health of the fetus during pregnancy.

How Much Jujube is Traded Every Year?

How Much Jujube is Traded Every Year?How much jujube is traded every year?

Exporting and importing goods between different countries and continents enables companies across the world to reach wider markets and generate added value for their country and the global economy. In the meantime, there is no fixed pattern of access to global markets and export and import of goods, but exporters in each country have to discover what are the benefits that make their goods attractive in global markets and importers need to be careful. What purposes each product can produce and which of these destinations offers higher value. Jujube is a unique and extroadinary fruit which is grown in the Southern Khorasan. Its harvest season starts in early August in the tropical cities. In cold regions, ‌they are harvested inearly October. It is possible to sell dried or dehydrated jujube all year round. The price of per kilo of dried jujube varies with  each other depending on the size of the jujube and the quality of the jujube. Jujube is also named red dates or Chinese dates and it has an amazing benefits. It is very tasty and sweet. Jujubes can be used to treat many diseases. Growinn and selling jujubes are very important in Southern Khorasan, specially Birjand. Now we can ask ourselves ” how much jujube is traded every year?”.  The answer is “Jujube fruit is one of the export products of Iran and several tons of dried jujube is exported to other countries every year.”. Buying and selling dried jujube in Birjand market is very important because it is one of the main products of this city. The price of jujube in Birjand market depends on the factors such as jujube type, its color, its size and its skin wrinkle. Jujube is a fruit that is resistant to every types of weather and soils and climats. It can tolerate druoghr conditionz as well as high rainfall. According to the sharp decline in water reserves and dehydration stresses, all parts of Iran is a good place for jujubes to be planted and grown. They are good products to be exported in non_oil trade.Dried jujube is a very tasty and sweet fruit which is also called red date. This delicious fruit has a high nutritional value that can be termed as a good snack that can replace many harmful snacks such as chips and puff pastry.

Best Selling Boxed Jujube Fruit in Iran

Best Selling Boxed Jujube Fruit in Iran

Best selling boxed jujube fruit in Iran

Price per kilo of dried jujube in Birjand is different from other cities such as Tehran, Mashhad and Isfahan. The price of dried jujube in Birjand is cheaper than other cities in the country, given that the jujube is the country’s production hub and there are large sellers. Jujube is used as a herb necause of its healing benefits for the body. It is used in fresh form as well as dried. Its leaves, fruit, core and toots are all used. Jujubes have different types. They have different sizes. The jujube seedling does not have a significant achievement for up to five years. After five years, the target products are produced. As the tree ages, the crop will grow. The life of the jujube tree is relatively long. The most expensive jujube in South Khorasan is jujube tea which has the highest export among all types of jujubes. The best exported jujubes which are produced in our country belong to Birjand because of its extensive orchards. Birjand has been known as one of the main exporters and sellers of jujube in the world by cultivating many orchards of jujube. The freshness of jujube plays an important role in its quality. There are the best selling boxed jujube fruit in Iran. It is possible to buy jujube online. There are some dehydrated shop website on net. To buy jujube fruit online, you should search these websites. There is icon of “jujube fruit order online” that by clicking on it you can order the amount of jujube that you need. Maybe, you ask where to buy jujube fruit near me. For finding the nearest place you can search for dehydrated shop, fruit shop or herbal medicine shop in person or online. Parameters affecting the global price of the best medicinal jujube are export rate, requested volume, package type, product quality (fine or coarse), target country and etc.

5 Success Key in Exporting Jujube Fruit

5 Success Key in Exporting Jujube Fruit5success key in exporting jujube fruit

The importance of jujube as a strategic product highlighted the creation of suitable conditions and opportunities for export and sale of jujube. The national conference of jujube is an interesting and money maker opportunity. In this conference, a lot of new technological ideas are discussed. Activists in the field of jujube and national figures and officials are presented in this conference. One of the foundations of the family economy in South Khorasan is jujube, but unfortunately it has not been properly exported to the provinces of the country in order to generate a decent economic benefit for the farmers. 5 success key in exporting jujubefruit are discussed in this conference. One of the challenges that we are facing with is to introduce jujubes to people. Today, due to the many medicinal properties of jujube, the demand for it has been increasing. Jujube has been exported to Netherlands, Pakistan, Afghanistan and Canada. For the second step in order to be in the world of jujube, you first need to know the other producers and the best markets all over the world. Other producers of jujube in the world are some of the Mediterranean countries and East Asian countries; but in terms of quality, we are honor to say that the jujube of Iran is of a very high quality. Iranian export jujube is mostly used for pharmaceuticals but it has some other uses too. Therefore, jujube export should be offered to the customer by discovering the target market price.As mentioned, medicinal jujube has the best price among the other jujube produced in our country. It is therefore considered the best option for exporting abroad. Iranian export jujube is mostly used for pharmaceuticals, so exporting jujube should offer the customer the best product by discovering the target market price.Countries have different attractions for importers and exporters in terms of market size, market growth, climate, legislation, political and economic stability and technological strength. This makes it possible for any country in their policy making to first understand the potential of their country to gain a better understanding of their competitive advantages and then seek to develop and introduce these benefits in order to experience greater economic growth.

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