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Jujube Varieties |3 types of jujube for export

Jujube Varieties

It may be interesting to know that they are also called jujube, red dates, Chinese dates or Indian dates. In traditional Iranian medicine, boiled jujube consumption, especially in cold seasons, is highly recommended for treating coughing, colds, flu, and various types of sore throats. Jujube is moderate in terms of old medicine, and it is a bit cold, and believed to be Avoid Sinaa, it is a bit cold and it casts heat and fever Is good. The jujube has glaucoma, breasts and cough, and tea or boil is a clogging of sound, asthma and shortness of breath and is recommended to prevent inflammation and runny nose. To make boiled jujube, boil it in a liter of water to make it two-thirds.

Jujube Varieties |3 types of jujube for export

How Many Years Jujube Exporters Are Working?

How Many Years Jujube Exporters Are Working?jujube candy

Sleepy and soothing nerves and relieves insomnia and extreme fatigue, it is immune to the body’s immune system and is effective in boosting brain and memory, an inhibitor of blood pressure and blood pressure and blood urea, and it is effective in reducing soluble fiber. . Jujube is one of the fruits that is useful in the treatment of liver diseases, including fatty liver.

This fruit is laxative and its effect has been proven to help with the treatment of constipation and it is recommended to place a piece of fresh ginger and a few seeds of jujube in a glass of boiling water each morning. Clinical studies have shown that gastro-intestinal jujube and digestive juices are the cause of diabetes. This fruit increases muscle strength and increases the body’s bone.

Excessive jujube consumption reduces the power and sexual instincts, but its balanced consumption helps to eliminate sexual dysfunction and infertility.

What Are The Best Jujube Varieties?

What Are The Best Jujube Varieties?jujube tea

How to chew the dry jujube?

Typically, the jujube is harvested from September to early October. If gardener sells jujube more and more fresh, it will mold or sour less than ten days. For this reason, gardeners dry or wrap large portions of the jujube, and the fruit is dried on the tree and then released to the market. Dried jujube can hold up to 8 months without a refrigerator.

Because drying jujube chews on the tooth, wash it before use and immerse it in water for 2 minutes or more. Then wait 3 to 4 hours to allow moisture to penetrate the jujube, and its texture will make it soft and pleasant to eat.

You need to know that the jujube absorbs moisture up to 40% by weight, and if it is immersed in water for more than 2 minutes, it is flushed and soluble vitamins are removed in water. Never buy juniper off the season more formally, because its moisture is artificial and you buy water instead of a part of the weight of jujube, and more importantly, its shelf life falls and falls in less than a week.

How Many Shapes Does Jujube Fruit Have?

How Many Shapes Does Jujube Fruit Have?jujube pronunciation

Helping to treat hypertension

In traditional medicine, for blood pressure, there are various divisions, in one of the simplest of these, blood pressure is divided into 2 types of warm and cold, and the jujube can be effective in helping to treat the blood pressure that is heats. It is important to note that this plant can not at any rate replace the high blood pressure medications.

To use jujube to help with treating hypertension, you need to squeeze about 10-7 of it a little and boil about 1.5 glasses of water to reach the same volume of water. After smoothing, you can apply this solution. Note the jujube that you drink in water should not be consumed as it causes severe bloating. You can use this decoction for 60-40 days and once a day, and most of it is not advisable at all, since jujube boiled in itself can cause serious complications in the long run. That’s why it’s best if you are going to use jujube, you should do it under the supervision of a traditional medicine specialist or someone specializing in medicinal herbs. Usually to reduce complications, it is advised to use some plants such as thyme with this boil.

Which Country Has High Quality Jujube Fruit?

Which Country Has High Quality Jujube Fruit?Take care to boil the jujube at least within 1-2 days, otherwise it will be fermented and will not have the necessary effect. For people with acne resistant to treatment and numerous pimples with warmth, boiled jujube can be used as an auxiliary treatment and how it is used as before, for 60-40 days and once a day.

Everyone can eat jujube every day 7-6 without having to boil, but you should keep it in your mouth for some time to get wet. Note that you should not take it for a while after 30 to 20 days to avoid complications.

Another important point is that it is better to prepare Iranian jujube because the results of the research show that the effective jujube material of our own country, and especially the jujube being raised in Birjand, is much larger than the other straw, even though it is smaller.

And ultimately, jujube is not contraindicated, but those who have certain illnesses should consult with a herbalist when they want to start taking herbal medicine as a medicine.

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